Bull Terrier Tattoo

In all the variety of motifs for tattoos, examples with images of dogs stand out very favorably. Quite a striking example is the tattoo of a bull terrier, and about the key features of such natal drawings and the symbol separately should talk in more detail.

Who exactly will fit a tattoo with a bull terrier?

A tattoo depicting a bull terrier is a great solution to create a brutal macho image. If you do not understand the “why” exactly, it is worth asking about the peculiarities of the character and application of this breed of dog. The Bull Terrier is considered a rather dangerous pet, as the breed is classified as a fighter. In addition, the temperament of these dogs is quite cool, as confirmed by their owners.

Most often, such a tattoo is painted exactly on the parts of the male body. However, girls who have a defiant temper can wear on the body tattoos with bull terriers. There is another option, when the image of a dog of this breed can be flaunted on the bodies of both sexes – it is a way of expressing love for your pet.

The meaning of the bull terrier tattoo

If we do not talk much about the breed itself – we are still interested in the specific meaning of the image – then it is possible to allocate such interpretations of the bull terrier as a tattoo:

  • Persistence in achieving goals in life;
  • Courage and determination when it comes to protecting your loved ones;
  • Significant physical strength is a characteristic of any fighting dog breed;
  • Loyalty to the people dear to the heart – this is also a reasonable interpretation of the image, as bull terriers are very loyal to their owner;
  • Willingness to sacrifice and take risks – this also goes back to the canine loyalty of the pet.

Places to apply

Often, the tattoo with the image of a bull terrier is quite detailed or the presence of additional elements. It is the different features as well as the size of the tattoo that usually determines the location for the body art. However, there are several locations on the body, on which most often choose under the application of the tattoo:

  • Certain areas on the arm – for example, a tattoo with a bull terrier can be designed in the form of a “sleeve” and complemented by an abundance of other elements. Small works can fit on the back of the hand or on the forearm;
  • Leg – the client may wish to place a bull terrier tattoo on the ankle, thigh or calf area;
  • Chest – for example, a male tattoo may be placed right above the heart, if there is a desire to capture the love for your pet in this way;
  • Back – voluminous subjects can occupy a large area of the back, and more modest sized tattoos are usually placed on the shoulder blade.

Bull Terrier tattoo styles

The most common version of the execution of the tattoo with the image of a bull terrier is realism. This is especially true when owners of dogs of this breed want to immortalize the pet on their body.

The picture on the body itself looks equally effective in monochrome and colored versions. Regarding colored tattoos with bull terriers, in this regard, the most popular styles are watercolor and new-sculpture.