Bear tattoos

The image of a bear seems very magnetic not only today, but also earlier for our ancestors. The images of these intelligent, strong and very dangerous forest predators have a special energy – this probably became one of the reasons for the human desire to decorate his body with them.

If you somehow correlate yourself with this animal, then for sure you will be interested in a tattoo with a bear. Before going to the tattoo parlor, it is worth finding out as much useful information about the meaning of this symbol.

Meaning of tattoo bear

The first step to understanding the symbolism of the bear image in the modern tattoo is to carefully study the drawing and listen to the sensations. Next, you should learn about the concepts with which our ancestors correlated bears. By the way, some meanings have not lost their relevance today:

  • Celtic warriors considered these animals as their patrons, but also as a symbol of motherhood;
  • In Egypt and India, the symbol of the bear was endowed with power and sole rule, this symbol was not available for use by ordinary people;
  • Heroism and strength – these concepts were invested in the images of bears by the Vikings, they even wore their skins during military confrontations;
  • The Slavs considered bears werewolves and symbols of the god Veles, as well as a kind of “good master of the forest;
  • In China, it was the bear became the embodiment of male energy Yang, because it had the strength, courage, masculinity.

You can use the interpretation of the bear tattoo, which is offered by the history and mythology of different countries. But today the method of interpreting this symbol, focusing on the features of the image, is popular. For example, if the animal is depicted calm, then such a tattoo can talk about self-confidence and the greatness of the carrier. When the bear’s mouth is open (grinning), then this symbolizes aggression, open rage and leadership.

The above interpretations are more characteristic of the male tattoo. Indeed, tattoos with the image of a bear most often adorns the strong male body, but there are exceptions. Tattoo, which depicts a bear and a bear cub, it is realistic to consider a symbol of maternity and even tenderness.

The concept expressed in the tattoo is also influenced by the type of bear. The brown bear is a typical personification of all masculine qualities. But you can find very beautiful sketches that depict other types of bears. By the way, do not underestimate the aesthetics of cartoon images of bears – they are not only cute, but also effective.

Meaning for men and women

The main purpose of the bear tattoo for men is the desire to emphasize their brutality, strength, masculinity and other strengths. For this purpose, appropriate tattoo designs are used:

  • Bear’s grin;
  • The animal that stands on its hind legs;
  • A bear’s paw;
  • The silhouette of a bear and so on.

What is the woman guided by, choosing such a tattoo? Aggressive animals are chosen by representatives of the fair sex as a tattoo seldom, most often animals are depicted as calm. Also often the sketches of cartoon images are preferred.

Styles tattoo bear

The stylistics of the image of the bear can be diverse, but there are several of the most popular directions:

  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Newtraditional;
  • Geometry and so on.

Places of application

It is possible to apply a tattoo with a bear to any area of the body. However, much depends on the size of the sketch. More often such a drawing can be noticed on the male chest, back or forearm. Also, guys often decorate the plot tattoo on the whole arm (sleeve).

As for the female tattoo, the drawings are often small. Because of its small size, it is possible to place the tattoo on any part of the body – from the wrist to the area under the chest. Very effectively look such tattoos on the hip or pelvic area.