Watercolor style in tattoos

Watercolor is a very original and special style of tattoo. For its embodiment you need readiness to improvise and quite a fine artistic flair. Technique for the master rather difficult, but the result is more than impressive.

The history of emergence

The founder of the style of watercolor is considered the master of tattoo Amanda Vachob. It was she who brought this direction to the art of body painting. Now she successfully works in New York. It is known that one morning she saw blurry patterns on her hand. They seemed very original and mysterious to her. After about 24 hours, they disappeared on their own, but that was enough time for Amanda to notice the resemblance to the watercolor image. That’s how she came to use this style in her work. The master’s main goal was to create a new technique and push the boundaries of what was already known. She made tattooing a true art form.

The main features

Watercolor implies the master’s use of a rich palette and soft lines. Tattoos can be made bright or dark, rich or pastel. They are universal, so there is no need to worry about size. The main thing is that the sketches looked aesthetically pleasing and were visually clear, distinguishable, then there will be no problems.
This technique involves soft color transitions and blurred borders. There is no special symbolism in this style. The main thing is that everything just looks beautiful.
Sometimes some of the details of the image is drawn with clearer black outlines. This is done in order to be able to focus attention on a particular object. At the same time, the master is sure to make the background blurred. This method is considered to be quite popular. It is used if it is necessary to draw a thin branch of a tree, a sign or a symbol. It is worth noting that other styles are just perfectly combined with watercolor. For example, it could be dotwork or linework. In the center of the image can be an object that consists of thin lines, and to complement everything will turn out a stylish multicolored watercolor background.

Popular tattoo designs

Characters and subjects in this direction can be any: from a huge abstraction to small butterflies. Very beautiful on the body look mythical creatures, watercolor flowers, portraits, both in different bright shades and black and white.

Who is suitable for the style of watercolor?

Tattoos in the style of watercolor are universal. They are equally suitable for both guys and girls. Drawing on the body is possible at any conscious age. Perfectly selected sketch can easily emphasize the sophistication and individuality of the person. If the future owner is a romantic at heart, strives for something new and unusual, then he should definitely pay attention to this style. As a rule, for the most part, this style is chosen by creative and dreamy natures.