Tribal style in tattoos

Tattoos in the tribal style are patterns and geometric figures with flowing or pointed contours. If you translate the word “tribal”, you can understand that it means “tribal” or “tribal”.

Distinctive features of tribal tattoo are smooth and clear contours, black and white performance. It is important that the picture made an impression. This can be achieved by intertwining lines. There will be an effect of a complex or mystical animal ornament.

History of Origin

Treble dates back to ancient Polynesia. It was there that drawings had a hidden meaning. Many believed that the sketches on the body protected them from the forces of nature. Animal figures and ethnic paintings were painted. They had a special meaning and could fully reveal the story of a person’s life. Each tribe put its own meaning into the paintings. In the picture could understand the social status of the person, the important events in his life or the feats that he had done.

In Europe, they learned about tribal tattoos from sailors. They usually returned home with exotic drawings on their bodies. Now drawings of animals in the style of tribal do not carry a hidden meaning. They are put on as a decoration.

The main characteristics of the style

Tattoo patterns in the style of tribal have a dark, clear and even outline. Such drawings look very spectacular and evoke a large number of emotions. Traditionally, the images are performed in black, but there are also variants of different colored sketches on the Internet.

The main elements are clearly drawn lines, spirals, geometric shapes. In such drawings there is no blurriness, symmetry is perfectly expressed. Usually such sketches are chosen because of originality or the way to express certain emotions.

Place of application

Ornate patterns look very effective on both men and women, regardless of their age.

Most often, men’s tribal tattoos are done on the back or forearm. It is believed that the picture looks quite voluminous only on the moving parts of the body.

Many men stop their choice of tribal tattoo on the “sleeve”. This is one of the most fashionable ways how you can express yourself and attract attention. Correctly chosen and selected sketch will be able to emphasize perseverance, strength and masculinity. Young men most often choose drawings in black, as they can be associated with austerity.

A popular motif for this style is the image of predators. For example, you can score a tiger, which will demonstrate the firmness of character and aggression. With the help of the tribal tattoo on the arm perfectly emphasizes the relief of the shoulder. Even without physical exertion it will be visually enlarged. Sometimes the drawing is transferred to the chest from the biceps. Also it is possible to impose a tribal tattoo on a leg or a neck.

Girls in turn often choose the shoulder blades, lower back or hips. With the help of straight and rather clear lines in this way they manage to emphasize the attractiveness of the female body. The drawings look perfect in any size. The most popular are large and complex images.

It is also worth noting that many girls like floral motifs, unusual shapes or images of animals. For example, tattoos of cats in all countries associated with femininity, and flowers can emphasize lightness and tenderness in communication. To show all their independence, the fair sex often stuffed dragon.