Thrash polka dot style in tattoos

Trash Polka is the original style of tattoo, which is often attributed to the popular direction of art brut. The name resembles the familiar English word trash, which in our language can be translated as “trash”. Any experienced tattooist will tell you that this style turns upside down the whole notion of art. Exactly with this style it is possible to make eerie and frightening things extraordinarily beautiful and interesting, completely changing the conventional notion.

History of Trash Polka

The founders of Trash Polka are a married couple who lived in Germany. We are talking about experienced and extraordinary graphic designers W. Mierczski and S. Pfaff. It is known that they were inspired by tattoo designs of American tankers. That’s where the first manifestations of the Thrash Polka style came from. The couple not only reproduced the drawings they saw on the skin of the military, but also supplemented them with their own designs. The result was a unique image. Over time, this style was picked up not only by tattoo artists, but also by artists. Now this technique is considered one of the most popular and in demand.

Main characteristics

Tattoos in the style of thrash polka combine a classic drawing and graphic design. They are also characterized by a jumble, inscriptions, carelessness, realism and filigree work. Most often this design is chosen by fans of kitsch and young people. Tattoos are created to protest against rules and patterns. The artists themselves point out that their designs mock mainstream and societal norms. Ordinary people say that trash polka tattoos shock them because they border on vulgarity and vulgarity.
But all described above definitely should not be characterized with negativity and negative traits. On the contrary, such tattoos are filled with original ideas, the energy of life and constantly moving forward. Many people believe that quality work can generate interest in the subculture.
All drawings in this style are usually dark and gloomy. The main colors used are red and black. Such contrasts several times increase the shock effect of perception.

Actual designs and subjects

In the style of thrash, photos of ready-made tattoos and drawn sketches are quite diverse. If you highlight popular motifs, it is definitely worth highlighting physical, spiritual rot, fear or death. As a rule, it is not the usual drawing for everyone, but an abstract image. It is important that it has no end and no beginning. Experienced tattoo artists create designs in such a way that it seems as if the image spontaneously appeared on the skin. Often it feels as if the work is basically incomplete or some kind of sloppy. This is as it should be. Harmony can only be achieved by experienced craftsmen.

Who is suitable for this style?

If you want to defy ordinariness, you can make such a bold tattoo. It is important to be a confident person and show individuality in a general way. The choice of motif for trash polka is limited solely by imagination. For example, it can be a black raven, blood, a rose, a skull, a religious sign or a sad portrait.