Style Minimalism in tattoos

Tattoo in the style of minimalism is characterized by brevity and simplicity. Popular are designs with mystical signs, animals, geometric figures, plants, inscriptions. Of the features of this style is immediately worth noting the small size and minimal number of shades.

Distinctive features of the style of minimalism:

  • clear lines;
  • geometric shapes;
  • a minimum of elements;
  • monochrome pattern;
  • simple compositional solution.

For tattoos in the style of minimalism is very typical geometry. Many people depict on their bodies simply the outline of a cat, owl, fox, object or plant. The point is that the master does not specially traced details.

Most often, tattoos in the style of minimalism do in black and white shades, but you can enter one additional color. This is green, blue or red. Mostly stuffed with simplified images of small size.

Who is suitable for this style?

Minimalistic drawings on their bodies are applied, both women and men. Such images are usually chosen by people who emphasize not on the details, but on the essence itself. The sketches are very concise and well suited for those people who would like a tattoo for themselves personally and not for demonstration to the world around them.

Tattoo in the style of minimalism is well suited for the fairer sex. This is ideal for those who do not like large or bright drawings, but want to have a sketch on the body. A small image is the thing to have. Laconic designs are chosen by people who would like to make an aesthetic tattoo, but at the same time not to attract a lot of attention to themselves. Such images look harmonious on any part of the body. Mostly they are printed on the forearm, neck, wrist or shoulder.

Often girls apply tattoos in the style of minimalism on the ankle. For example, it can be a thin sketch of a bird, a flower or a fairy tale character. They perfectly emphasize femininity and fragility.

Men more often choose black and white minimalism style tattoos in the form of a large drawing on the leg or “sleeve”. They like severity, the desire to emphasize masculinity, strength and clarity of lines.

Quite popular subjects for women’s tattoos in the spirit of minimalism are considered inscriptions, pets or flowers. Men more often choose signs, geometric shapes or symbolic images. By the way, colored options are chosen mostly by women. Guys prefer to stuff black and white tattoos.

Many people like minimalist sketches also because of the speed of execution. Only one session is enough to completely transfer the image to the body. The price of such a tattoo is usually reasonable and the work takes literally a couple of hours.