Realism style in tattoos

Realism style in tattoos

Realism is considered one of the most popular tattoo styles. Drawings that are made in this technique are all “live”, worked out to the finest detail and naturalistic. Quite often they are recreated directly from photographs.

History of the development of this style

Stamped on the body realistic drawings began more than a hundred years ago. The founder of such a direction is a professor who studied such tattoos and for his entire life collected a huge collection of copies. Unfortunately, his name is unknown. The peak of popularity of such a technique has achieved relatively recently. It can be argued by the fact that only recently masters have gained the necessary experience, plus they have modified tools. Now the design possibilities are much wider.

Characteristic features of the style

Tattoos in the style of realism fascinate not only on the photo, but also in life. But to make them perfect and deep, you need to find an experienced master. Because of the heterogeneous topography it is quite difficult to put a photographic picture on the skin, even if it was previously made on paper.
There are no specific features in terms of shades and sizes. Tattoos in the style of realism can be black and white, colored. They are printed on the entire back, forearm, wrist or on the “sleeve”.
The most spectacular are considered black and white drawings. Thanks to the different shades of gray and black, it is possible to draw very beautifully smooth transitions, some details or shadow parts.
It is important that the white dye was not very much in the tattoo, as this will reduce its durability. In this technique, the images are not only “live”, but also three-dimensional. They are all very beautiful and naturalistic.
Another peculiarity of realism is the serious consequences of mistakes. It is important to choose a master consciously and not to save money. This style does not forgive even minor inaccuracies.

Popular subjects

In the technique of realism, you can create any image on the body. It will be perfect to embody an insect, a flower, an animal, a bird, an architectural form or a tree. But the most popular designs for several decades have been considered portraits of relatives, loved ones, idols or historical persons. More often than not, images of people, especially the deceased, are done in black and white. It is still possible to choose realism in order to score some kind of portrait of a superhero or villain.

Who is suitable for this style?

This is a universal direction in the world of tattoos. It will appeal to both men and women. In fact, it is suitable for both young people and adults. Everyone can choose among a huge range of sketches the one that will please him more.