Polynesia style in tattoos

Polynesian tattoos are characterized by deep symbolism. This style has several directions at once. It even includes the well-known ornamentalism. The drawings consist of lines, ornaments, patterns, geometric shapes and dots. They can be folded into images of animals, plants, insects. Now Polynesian and ornamental tattoos are just a body decoration, but previously they all had a sacred meaning.

History of origin

The style originated in ancient times from the Maori tribe. There, the main purpose of people was to survive. In this they were perfectly helped by the tattoo, as it was considered not only an effective amulet, but also allowed them to camouflage themselves.

The tattoos of the time told us a lot about the people who lived in the Pacific Islands. It’s status, special merit, and physical strength.

The Polynesian style tattoo has always had an intricate design. Therefore, both now and in the past, it was tattooed in several sessions. With the Maori, only priests could wear body art. The process of stamping the pattern was usually accompanied by rituals and special songs. Masters made sure that during drawing no drops of a man’s blood fell on the ground. If a man could not endure padding, the tattoo remained unfinished, plus he was expelled from the tribe.

The more Polynesian-style tattoos on the body, the more noble the man was considered in those days. In most cases, images were applied to the thighs, the face. Also, some ornaments, which indicated the social status, were tattooed on the chest and wrists. By the way, women also made tattoos, but much less and less often. Mostly they could be seen on the lips and chin.

Distinctive features of Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian style is quite diverse. In one picture you can see a combination of dots, spirals, ribbons, lines, but masters necessarily always observe the rule of symmetry and do everything to make the sketch look harmonious.

Branches of Polynesia:

  • Haida – tattoos in the color red;
  • Borneo – a sub-style recognizable by its thick lines and rich hues;
  • Oceania – complex drawings with thin outlines, which indicate the status of the person.

Polynesia style is just perfectly combined with the technique of Dotwork. In this case, the entire pattern is created by dots. The ornament turns out very subtle and spectacular.

There are no shadows in the images, as well as smooth transitions and blurred contours are completely excluded. Usually one color is chosen for execution. It can be red or black.

Popular designs

It is impossible to clearly distinguish the most requested drawings, because in this direction designs are regularly changed and updated. If you look at the photos of tattoos in the style of Polynesia, you can see for yourself that all images consist of a huge number of different elements and details.

Here are the meanings of some of the symbols:

  • scales are a talisman against dangers and diseases;
  • The shark’s teeth symbolize protection in the sea, courage and strength;
  • bonito is skill and energy;
  • a closed spiral is a symbol of infinity and perfection;
  • the shark is a symbol of strength, endurance, and power;
  • the moon is associated with femininity and femininity;
  • The open spiral is a symbol of renewal.

Polynesian style sketches can be placed on the arm, leg, forearm or shoulder. Often people choose drawings of demigods, animals, geometric shapes, spirals and loops.

Who is suitable for this style?

Men and women who like complex or subtle ornaments, believe in the power of ancient amulets or are at least slightly interested in this subject, should definitely try to choose an original sketch for themselves and sign up for the procedure.