Ornamental style in tattoos

Ornamental is a style that came into the world of tattoos from the peoples of Polynesia.

Earlier such images on their bodies were worn only by Maori tribal leaders and priests. As a rule, it was exclusively the prerogative of men, but times are changing. Tattoo ornamental attracts a detailed drawing of lines, which from some point of view resembles a carving. Absolutely every element of the whole sketch carries a special meaning. Many tattooists and wearers are convinced that each ornament, pattern, spiral or wave carries its own meaning.

Scientists are sure that the first tattoos of Polynesians appeared before our era. They were made as ornaments and also as a way for a person to show his social status to everyone. Each symbol had its own material and spiritual meaning for the Maori. In fact, just by looking at the drawing, it was possible to learn the life history of the bearer.

Main Features

The designs are multifaceted and can clearly be seen on the body. Ancient people were sure that such images were amulets against the forces of evil. To perform the interpretation of the image, it is necessary to take into account the meaning of absolutely every element. For example, if the body has triangles that look up, then they indicate the masculine, and if down – the feminine. A large number of ledges is considered symbolic of the universe. Equilibrium and stability can be demonstrated by a square or rectangle. Also in this style masters often use images of animals, marine or plant themes.
Popular subjects in the ornamental style:

  • patterns;
  • plants;
  • animals;
  • ornaments.

To apply the images to the body, the masters usually use black dye. It is believed that it emphasizes the clarity and relief of the images. You can place the drawing on any part of the body. Small tattoos look very good on the neck or forearm. Patterns with the image of an animal or large ornaments can be stylishly placed on the chest, back or “sleeve”. When using different ornaments get a stylish experiment with a combination of different patterns and shapes. Most often choose large compositions, which can be applied to the entire back, chest or shoulders.