Organic style in tattoos

Tattoos in the style of mechanics in their appearance resemble another trend – biomechanics. But instead of mechanical details you can observe on the human body abstract elements, which combine the drawings of plants and animals.

In the art of tattooing is a relatively new trend. It is known that it originated in the 80s of the twentieth century.

The founder of this style is Guy Atchinson. His work among others stand out by the fact that he first embodied the ideas in the sculpture, and then transferred them to sketches and made tattoos. In contrast to gloomy bio-mechanics, bio-organics creates a positive mood and is full of colors.

Distinctive characteristics

Organic tattoo sketches are developed on the basis of drawings of fruits, vegetables, rocks, the human body. They are characterized by fantasy and brightness.

The main features of the style are:

  • Combination of organic elements and flesh;
  • combination of fictional and real details;
  • creating a three-dimensional image effect;
  • careful elaboration of the structure;
  • the use of bright shades;
  • drawing with smooth lines;
  • creating the effect of torn skin.

The use of acid and bold shades makes it possible to attract attention and achieve original solutions. Depending on the message, the color palette of tattoos in the style of organics can be bright or restrained.

To make the drawing brighter, some of its parts the master performs smoothed and smooth lines. At the level with the detailing, shadows and halftones are used.

As a rule, tattoos are made in large size, as it is a multidimensional composition and it is necessary to place it symmetrically on the body. The softness of the lines allows everything to fit gently into the aesthetic.

When creating an individual sketch, the master takes into account the place of application, trying to make the tattoo dynamic and voluminous. It is also important to take into account the anatomical features of the person.

Popular designs and their meaning

It is worth to understand the symbolism.

Popular elements:

  • scorpion – symbolizes loneliness;
  • Flowers – indicate a delicate nature and vulnerability of the soul;
  • Heart, arteries – point to love of life;
  • The snake – the desire to learn something new and grow.

Sometimes they stuff a nymph, which is associated with beauty and femininity.

Who is suitable for organic?

Men most often choose biomechanics, while women prefer organic for brightness, originality, soulfulness and positive perception. With the help of this style it is possible to advantageously emphasize all the features of the body.

Organic style tattoos are equally suitable for men and women. They differ in a variety of textures and color solutions. Such sketches are chosen by people who are fond of fantasy, rock, experimental music, science fiction. The drawings are liked by fans of postmodernism, who are interested in Indian practices.