Old skool style in tattoos

Old school are tattoos that gained popularity in Europe and the United States in the late 19th century.

They are a symbol of an entire era, perfectly recognizable because they have bright colors and a special mood.

History of Old School Tattoos

“Old school” first made itself known at the end of the nineteenth century. Some experts believe that the first tattoo in this style of old skool was made by a military sailor Collins from America. It is believed that he was a trendsetter among sailors. Usually such plots, which could clearly demonstrate the legends, dreams, sea life, were stuffed. Some gave preference to inscriptions with the names of their loved ones, which remained on the shore. Some people inscribed their portraits. Also quite popular in those days were drawings that showed the classic leisure activities of sailors. These could have been money or playing cards.
Sailors put a sacred meaning in their body art. They were convinced that such tattoos were shores. Long voyages were considered a great risk, encountering danger.
Incidentally, it is worth noting that upon completing his service in the Navy, Collins eventually settled ashore and opened his own tattoo studio in the United States.

Characteristics of the style

In the photo of tattoos in the old skool style, you can notice the clear black contours, rich hues, a departure from realism, classical symmetry. This technique does not imply the use of shadowy smooth transitions or volume. Another peculiarity is the limitation of subjects. Even at the time of the formation of oldskulnye tattoo clearly marked the boundaries of motifs and symbolism.

Popular subjects

The subject matter of this style is predominantly nautical. These can be anchors, sails, swords, daggers, protectors, amulets, playing cards, dolphins, compasses, mermaids, ships, angels. Some are stuffed with fire, skulls, and deer.
In many of the drawings you can find inscriptions. These are quotes, words from sailor songs, names of loved ones, relatives. Some complement them with a drawing, and some leave them without.

The main meanings of the images

Anchor is one of the most popular symbols. It is compared to help, salvation, stability and hope. The heart is a sign of mercy, friendship and love. You can stuff a swallow, which is a symbol of homecoming, safety and amulet. The rose is another sign of love. If it was stuffed without thorns, it means that the person fell in love at first sight, and if the flower was white, it means that the bearer is innocent.

Who would be suited to this style?

Old skool tattoos are very popular among women and men. Such designs are appreciated by people who adore to dream, love something bright or constantly travel. Nautical romance can also be a reason to choose this direction.