New Skool Style in Tattooing

Tattoos in the style of new school (new school) are very original and distinctive response to old school. We are talking about a new with the old school. In the updated drawings can be seen a lot of bright colors, but the stories are very different. They seem to say that it’s time to finally forget about the boring stereotypes. In the new school tattoo you can see a lot of fantasy and humor. Such images on the body are quite often compared to youth graffiti.

History of the emergence of the style

In America and in Europe in the 19th century, such a style as old school flourished. It can be called the progenitor of the new school. The basis of the direction were nautical motifs, which allowed a visual embodiment of the desire for freedom. Fans of this phenomenon at the time were very often stuffed with mermaids, weapons, anchors, rollers, the sea and ships, but then the values changed. The spirit of adventure and romanticism went out of fashion. In the eighties new skool emerged. This style was characterized by an acute desire to forget the usual traditions and finally popularize rebelliousness.
Many believe that new skool style tattoos were originally the symbolism of rave fans. They could be called the “trademark” distinctive signs. The trendsetter of the new skool style is considered to be the designer E. Harley. Some of his sketches even officially registered in 2004. But the new skool is still united with fans of computer games and comics, because people often come to the salon and ask to stuff their favorite characters on the body. Now new skool is the trend of the young and bold.

Distinctive characteristics

In this direction, tattoo masters often use flamboyant, bright colors and combine them with “acid” shades. Also inherent is also a thick black outline, without which the work is not complete.
The main features of the style are:

  • The large size of the sketches;
  • emptiness, which takes up most of the drawing;the departure from
  • realism;
  • abstraction;
  • piling up of details.

New skool is characterized by several trends at once. One of them is cyberpunk. We are talking about tattoos of gamers. Usually such sketches are stuffed on the legs, back, hands. The main plots are monsters and heroes from computer games. The second trend, about which it is impossible not to mention – wild new school. It is characterized by the presence of inscriptions and graffiti on the arm. The third is new tradition (neo-traditional). It is also called the classic new school. It is distinguished by the presence of cartoon characters on the body, but it is important that the master made them in the animation technique. The craziest trends are acid and ecstasy (Acid and Ecstasy). Such sketches appear under the influence of the drugs of the same name. It was popular at the time of the formation of the direction of new skool.

Typical plots and designs

Plots can range from primitive to detailed, funny or philosophical. The craftsman can use all the freedom of imagination.
Popular designs:

  • lowers;
  • characters from comic books and cartoons;
  • birds;
  • clocks;
  • fire.

Tattoos in the cyberpunk substyle are popular. Usually these are characters or scenes from games, mutant monsters, creatures that belong to science fiction.

Who is suitable for this style?

New skull tattoo sketches are very interesting and bright. They are chosen by young people regardless of gender, age. The main criterion for choosing this particular direction is the desire to make a statement, to stand out and to challenge the classic traditions and rules.