Lettering style in tattoos

Tattoos in the style of lettering are inscriptions which masters put on different fonts. Literally, the name of this trend can be translated as “drawing letters”. Lettering tattoo sketches are mainly philosophers’ statements, names, postulates, quotations from songs, books, films or TV series.

It is recommended when choosing a sketch to be sure to take into account the semantic load. The master can help determine the font, but the essence is chosen by the client. Often such tattoos are printed on the wrist, back or forearm. Basically, tattoo artists work in gray or black. The image can be supplemented with a decorative element.

Popular designs

Very often clients do a tattoo with the name or initials of relatives, a loved one or even a friend. Someone simply inscribes their name, but this is more a rarity than the rule.

Other popular choices are:

  • philosophical thoughts;
  • slogans;
  •  mottos;
  • sayings from prayers or books.

The details of the letters in the sketch should be thought out in advance and discussed with the master, so that in the end the image not only looked beautiful on the body, but also conveyed meaning. Tattoos in the style of lettering are performed by specialists in Arabic, French, English, Chinese or Latin.

Advantages and peculiarities of tattooing in the style of lettering

This direction allows to combine in one tattoo several fonts at once. That’s how the masters achieve a unique image, which will have a meaning directly to the client. The drawings are applied on different parts of the body. The advantage is that there is no need to take into account the anatomical structure, the peculiarities of the muscles. Even if the owner of the body image will change in weight or physical shape, the tattoo will still look very aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing a sketch, it is worth considering:

  • Tilt and size. The inscription, for example, can be printed on the wrist or the entire width of the back. The main thing is that it should fit the aesthetics of the client’s body and not look too large or small.
  • Tongue. The master can apply both one Japanese or Arabic character and the whole phrase in English or any other language. It is recommended to check the meaning and translation beforehand, to avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Color. As a rule, in this style masters use only black and white gamma, but at will of the client it is possible to make and color tattoo, skillfully complementing it with shadows.The thickness of the line and the font.
  • The lightness or brutality of the image depends on it. It is possible to achieve a particular effect with the help of the font.

Lettering is stylish and universal. It is suitable for men and women, regardless of their age and personal preferences. It is always possible to choose something unique or to choose classics.