Hyde style in tattoos

Haida style tattoos are a modern method of interpreting drawings that were previously applied to their bodies by the Indians. By the way, this style is considered only by the tribe of the same name. The direction is known only in a narrow circle. As a rule, these are fans of tattoos, who appreciate the authenticity and stylistics of the sketches.

History of the origin of the style

This style is based on the artificial tribal tattoo, which for the most part, both now and in ancient times, was distributed along the coast of Alaska and Canada. In that early period, people used such drawings to indicate exploits and social status. Images on the body were considered a privilege, so they were only for the nobility. Tattoos were applied on major holidays. As a rule, it was a ritual with invited guests, conducted by the chief.

The tribe was divided into clans, and each clan had its own animal that people worshipped. Images of a bear, raven, wolf, dolphin, eagle and frog were considered totems. The ancients were sure that it was the drawings that protected them from evil.

Around the world, tattoos in the style of Hyde spread by sailors who returned from a voyage and showed all the unusual Indian drawings. In our country, this trend came from Alaska. There is not much information about the culture of the tribe, so in this style works a narrow circle of tattoo artists. As a rule, the masters fully maintain the stylistics and adhere to symbolism. They do not include new details.

The main characteristics of the tattoo

From other ethnic trends, the style of Hyde is very easy to distinguish.

Distinguish such features:

  • Four main colors are used: red, blue, black and green. They are symbolized with the sky, vegetation, blood and earth. No other shades should be used, as this would ruin the whole concept;
  • The saturation, the brightness of the colors;
  • Use of abstraction;
  • Special symbolic meaning;
  • The image of birds, fish, totem animals.

Popular are considered to be sketches of tattoos in the style of Hyde in black, red, green, blue shades. Widespread are considered combinations of three colors, all four are almost impossible to meet. Masters stuff the patterns with smooth lines, so that there will not be sharp transitions. The drawings are characterized by accuracy, as it is very important to observe the geometry. They often make mirror-symmetrical images. Different subjects can be used. For example, it is a landscape, animals or birds.

On what place is better to apply?

If you go deeper into history, it is worth noting that tattoos applied to children at the same time as the piercing of the ears. Girls stuffed the image on the hands, and boys – on the chest. These are the traditional places of application.

Nowadays, a Hyde-style tattoo can be tattooed anywhere. Men often choose large sketches on the chest or back, and girls on the arms or legs. The images are really big, so it takes a lot of space to place the composition, colors and convey symbolism in a quality way.

Who is suitable for whom?

As a rule, this style is chosen by fans of tradition, who want to visually emphasize their individuality. This is a classic among all tattoos, which is suitable for both men and women of any age.