Horror style in tattoos

The horror style is very popular. It refers to the application of drawings to the skin, which are inspired by scenes from horror movies and other “spooky” pictures.

History of the origin of this style.

It is impossible to say exactly when the horror trend in tattoo art was formed, because someone experimented with such sketches even before the release of “horror movies”, but it did not apply to the masses. As soon as horror movies became popular, this style of tattoo had hundreds of thousands of fans. Especially brave people turned to masters to have their favorite characters printed on their bodies. A little later tattoo artists began to create unique sketches and thanks to this style evolved, began to rely on other subjects as well.

Main features

Almost any sketch can be realized in the style of horror. This direction involves the use of several combinations and techniques at once. The main thing is to have a suitable drawing. If you need to faithfully recreate all the details on the skin, then it is better to resort to the technique of realism.
Horror is considered one of those areas that do not like frames. The tattoo can be done in any color and anywhere on the body. Usually all images are in dark tones and with very expressive contrasting elements. Black and white horror tattoos are also popular now.

Possible design

On the Internet you can find a huge selection of photos of ready-made tattoos, made in the style of horror. For example, it can be characters from classic horror movies, vampires or zombies. Another such style involves stuffing with realistic organics, scary portraits, dripping blood, and entrails. Some clients accept having a rough stitch drawn on their chest or neck, a bullet hole made on their back. If you need something less frightening, you can stop at witches, ghosts, a cemetery.

Who is suitable for this style?

It is important to immediately pay attention to the fact that horror is a shocking direction. A person who chooses it, should not be afraid of something creepy, and preferably also have nerves of steel. If the future owner is confident that he can handle criticism, can accept the fact that many will consider the sketch to be scary, then it is time to look for a master and make an appointment for a session. Horror is suitable for both women and men. The main thing is to love the theme and want to stand out.