Greek tattoo style

The Greek style tattoo is a popular and relatively new trend, which is liked by representatives of any gender. Sketches attract originality and versatility. Depending on the drawing they emphasize masculinity or femininity of the body, individuality. Ornaments, inscriptions and drawings of mythological creatures are very popular.

History of the origin of the Greek tattoo

One of the first in Europe body painting appeared in Greece. At that time they were stigmata. They were used in order to be able to brand slaves. The marks were placed on the forehead, so it was easier to see a slave in the crowd.

Modern Greek tattoos are in no way associated with punishment. It is an ornament. Nowadays such designs are usually chosen by people between 25 and 30 years old. They do both small tattoos on the shoulder or hip, and large-scale ones on the whole back or hand.

Main subjects

Tattoos with a Greek theme are usually chosen by travelers and romantics. The ornaments are very spectacular. They perfectly emphasize the body, especially in motion.

Among the admirers of the originality of Greece, tattoo designs depicting gods and goddesses are quite in demand. Of course, it’s all Greek mythology. Aphrodite, Zeus, Apollo, Gorgon are stuffed on the body.

Popular Gods

Zeus is a classic. He is associated with leadership qualities and firmness of character. Greek tattoo with thunderer for men is just perfect. It demonstrates power and strength. Women can also stuff it as a sign of nobility. Someone puts the image of Apollo on his body. Usually these are people of creative professions. Such a sketch is associated with intimacy, harmony.

The Olympic Games

Of course. People are stuffed with the basic symbolism of the competition. It is a laurel wreath, a torch or five rings. It is usually chosen by those who seek advancement, conquest, victory.

Mythical creatures.

On the body tattooists often stuffed demonic sirens, which are considered a symbol of the temptation of life, overcoming obstacles. For example, men choose the jellyfish Gorgon. This is one of the most popular images, which is associated with cunning and resourcefulness.

Famous heroes

Tattoos with Greek heroes and warriors perfectly emphasize a person’s desire for justice, his integrity, strength. Many people stuff the portrait of Achilles, Alexander the Great or Hercules. Often people choose compositions on the theme of mythology. Men ideally suited for a tattoo in the Greek style with a sketch of the helmet of a Spartan. He is considered an attribute of a strong warrior who fights for justice, dedicated to his cause.


Many people stop at the tattoo in the form of a Greek ornament or pattern, which combines the intertwining of ancient symbols. These are very spectacular designs that adorn the chest, arms, back of women and men. Many people like the dynamics of the figure, it emphasizes the volume of muscles, a thin waist, the beauty of the body.


Greek writing is original and creates the effect of mystery. Masters can put different phrases and individual words on the bodies. Most often sketches are applied on the waist or on the back of the lower side of the neck. Some choose an inscription in Greek and put it on the arm.

Popular phrases:

  • “Happiness is always inside.”
  • “Better late than never.”

Often such tattoos relate to the theme of mythology.


Such tattoos have several meanings at once.

Such variants are distinguished:

  • reluctance to show emotion;
  • Constant work on himself;
  • Popularization of antiquity.

Tattoos with statues and sculptures depicting creatures from Greek mythology and gods are usually chosen by people engaged in creative professions. Stone working has always been compared to the daily work of self-development.