Graphic style in tattoos

Graphic style tattoos

Linework translates from English as “line work”.

It refers to a special tattooing technique in which the master observes curved and straight lines. Still such a style can be called simply “graphics”.
History of origin
Linework appeared in the early 2000s. At that time it was a fresh direction in the art of tattooing. It is important to immediately pay attention to the fact that you can find the features of the basic techniques of graphics back in ancient times, when everyone just learned about such a phenomenon as tattooing. But it was in the two-thousandths that linework became an independent trend. The reason for this is not only that people are constantly striving for something new. Exactly in that period minimalism was in trend and linework is perfect for it.

Features of tattoos in the style of graphics

Usually tattoos in the style of graphics are made in a red or black shade. They are characterized by a complete absence of halftones and clarity. So masters even shadow parts on the bodies of clients are applied by lines, but they vary in thickness. The shading in such images is clear, it is perfectly visible. There should be no soft transitions. It is also important that all the colors used are very saturated.
Sometimes masters successfully combine linework and Dotwork in the same drawing. The combination of such techniques allows you to make the image “livelier”, plus so many times the number of design possibilities increases.
In such a technique can perform both small and large tattoos. Their main distinguishing feature is the volume and dynamics. Rarely, there are densely painted elements on the body, as the graphic involves only an elaborate geometry and lines. Often linework sketches are referred to as graphic illusion.

What kinds of subjects can be embodied?

The possibilities of the master when working with graphics are limited only by his experience. For example, you can create an unusual “sleeve” with a geometric ornament, or a large picture of some famous artist on the whole back. If you want minimalism, it can be a small dragonfly or butterfly.
Such motifs are popular:

  • historical;
  • floral;
  • Medieval.

You can also give preference to portraits or abstracts to choose from. There are a lot of options, the main thing is that they do not imply the presence of blurred borders on the body. Because of them, the whole aesthetics of the style can be spoiled.

Who is suitable for linework?

Graphics equally like both women and men. Representatives of the stronger sex appreciate it for its severity, minimalism and clarity. Women like this option because of the elegance of the images, the sophistication, plus correctly chosen designs perfectly emphasize the femininity of the body. It remains to choose a unique sketch that combines beauty and a certain sense for the person who wants to make this tattoo.