Fantasy style in tattoos

Tattoo in fantasy style is fantastic drawings which allow masters to realize any clients fantasies about supernatural beings, parallel worlds and imaginary places. The main feature of this style is that it has simply stunning aesthetics. There is no philosophy or sacral meaning in such images.

History of the origin of the style

In ancient times, priests used to paint images of mysterious mythological beings on their bodies, as well as fairy-tale subjects. Some motives came down to us as a result of various peoples’ fairy tales; stories about the other world and different beliefs were also taken into account. At the beginning of the 20th century this style reached its peak of popularity. If you go a little deeper into history, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it was during this period, people literally “strangled” technological progress. Fantasy originated not only in the field of tattoos, but also in literature.

The main features

Aesthetics is the main characteristic of this style. Experienced masters can easily create incredibly beautiful and unique images on the body. Plots, shapes and colors are found in different ways. Over time, masters are constantly increasing the complexity of their work. This is possible not only due to the skills, but also due to the modernization of the equipment.
The main thing is to find a competent tattooist who can translate into reality any plan, qualitatively draw all the details and advise the best place on the body, so that the tattoo will not “float” and not erase over time.

Popular subjects

Tattoos in the style of fantasy are different. These can be fairy tale heroes, elves, dragons, demons, mermaids, fairies and many others. It is worth a little understanding of the symbolism. Many believe that the image of a dwarf or elf is to wealth and purity of thought. Stuff the dragon to indicate freedom, strength and wisdom.
Often people ask for magic attributes, fantasy colors or “Harry Potter” symbolism. Still not inferior to the unicorn in demand. He is the embodiment of purity of soul, longevity, romanticism. The drawing of the fairy is a source of positive energy.
Often you can also see tattoos with fairy tale characters. Usually these are fairies, kikimors, wizards, mermaids or characters from computer games, TV series, cartoons. For example, you can stuff a genie, siren, succubus, minotaur, hydra or centaur. There are a lot of variations.

Who is suitable for this style?

This is ideal for people who are themselves dreamy and romantic natures. Adherents of paganism stuff the tattoo with Slavic motifs. Gender and age do not matter. The main thing that was a rich imagination and appropriate worldview.