Dotwork style in tattoos

Dotwork is a new tattoo technique. For its embodiment it is necessary to try and find a professional master who has a high level of skills. The principle is that such a tattoo is imposed on the body by means of placing dots, and the expert necessarily must observe a certain distance. The saturation of color and volume of the image depends on the distance or closeness of the dots.

The difficulty of the Dotwork style, as stated by experts, is that before starting to work, you need to accurately calculate all the proportions and try to observe perfect symmetry when punching. This is the only way to create a high-quality, clear and even design. Such a tattoo will decorate the human body and make his image unique.

Large size is characteristic of a doddle tattoo. The most colorful and brightly convey the quality and clarity of the picture is a large-scale tattoo. As a rule, the masters perform them in red or black color. They perfectly harmonize with each other and look effective. Patterns and geometric ornaments are the basis of the Dotwork style.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that such a spot image requires hard and long work, so that in one session to score a tattoo does not work, but it will be a unique and unique work of art. The body will adorn the original image. Tattoo in the Dotwork style looks very impressive on the hand. This area allows you to show the picture to everyone.

The world masters of dotwork

Among the world’s professional tattoo artists who work with the Dotwork style, it is possible to distinguish several outstanding faces. They not only developed this direction, but also brought something new to it.

Thomas Hooper. This is an American tattooist and artist who perfectly combines geometric dot patterns together with images of birds and oriental motifs. His work is usually done in black and gray colors. Because of this, the result is impressive and incredible. Thomas is involved in creating large dotwork tattoos. For example, he does huge paintings all over his back or “sleeves.”
Xed le Head. This is a famous English tattooist who is considered by many to be the creator of the Dotwork technique. He was in the business of tattooing geometric patterns, but each time he came up with an unusual ornament or composition.
Colin Dale. This is a tattoo artist from Denmark, whose creations are very original. With the help of dot technique he creates huge ornamental images, inspired mainly by Celtic motifs.

Among the wide variety of options, you can find a dotwork sketch in the style of Dotwork, which is sure to please both men and women. It’s a versatile trend that suits everyone.