Celtic style in tattoos

Celtic style tattoos

Celtic style tattoos can’t be called just body art. They have a deep symbolism. This trend often uses the ornaments of the ancient Celts, who at one time believed in the magical power of signs. Tattoos with Celtic motifs are very recognizable. Their main differences are symmetry, roughness and clear contours. The ancient Celtic knot has its own meaning, but we can’t “read” each of them with certainty because the data is lost. Only some interpretations of the symbols have survived.

Popular designs and their meanings

Most likely, many have seen the Celtic cross. It is a sign of unity. He managed to combine the four elements. Also include hope, eternity, memory, faith and fertility. Each person sees something different in this image.
“Wicker” is another popular sketch. Most often it is used as an element of a composition. It is a symbol of the unbreakable connection between the spiritual and physical world. You can stuff a tree that speaks of knowledge, wisdom and the cyclical nature of life.
The Celtic style often uses a triple spiral that signifies spiritual development or medallion. This particular image is said to help attract the wearer to devotion, good luck and love.
Some people choose the “love knot” bracelet. It is believed that it symbolizes spiritual closeness and fidelity, it is something along the lines of wedding rings, but only directly on the body.
You can also stuff a deer, which speaks of pride, independence, a butterfly symbolizing new life, or a dragon, which indicates the power and might.

History of symbols

Aristotle, a contemporary of the Celts, called the Gauls wise and skillful in their work. They left a significant mark on the culture of Europe. All the tales of Tristan and Isolde, Merlin, and the Ironheart are all from the Celts. Not only can they invent fantastic stories, but they can also create the original Celtic painting. Patterns used to decorate weapons and utensils, and over time also the bodies. It was believed that the drawings gave courage in battle, intimidated enemies and helped the soul to fight on.

Main characteristics

The main color of Celtic tattoos is black. Most of the images in this style are monochrome, but this is not a hard rule that cannot be broken in any way. In addition to black, masters can also use red, blue, purple, green, yellow, purple shades.
In the modern Celtic style, many can see elements of Slavic and Byzantine patterns. Often Celtic is also combined with Romanesque techniques. As a rule, all of these directions have a common symbolism.
The main characteristics of the style are:

  • complex lines;
  • Combination of several elements of different sizes;
  • Creating an interweaving of patterns;
  • placement of the main symbol in the center;
  • combining the entire pattern in one continuous line;The use of knotting and bending.

Using Celtic patterns specifically, it is possible to complement or completely change existing tattoos.

Who will like this style?

Traditionally, Celtic is a male style because of the hardness and roughness, but sometimes this style is resorted to and girls. For example, you can put a talisman, amulet, tree or bracelet on your body. Usually, this trend is chosen by people who believe in ancient symbols.