Calligraphy style in tattoos

Calligraphy is considered an ancient art which in our world has transformed into tattoos in the form of different inscriptions. Often these are made by eminent personalities. This style is liked not only for its contents but also for its beauty. You can express yourself through aesthetics or find an inscription with a special philosophical meaning.

History of development of the style

Ancient calligraphy has inspired and inspires tattoo artists. It originated several centuries ago, but modern artists still draw ideas from it. This trend has gone through a couple of eras. Among the best tattoo artists of all times who have worked with the calligraphy style one should mention Zhu Da Zhu, V. Popov and Ibn Mukla.

Distinguishing characteristics

It is important to find a good master who, even with a lack of knowledge of the language, will be able to accurately transfer the inscription on the body and at the same time not to make inaccuracies or mistakes. This is fundamental, as many people find out later that the characters they have inscribed do not mean anything at all. A master must have an excellent understanding of fonts and in principle be able to work with new techniques without a hitch or mistakes.
Some distinctive features of calligraphy are:

  • Mostly inscriptions are written in Arabic, English, Japanese, Latin;
  • The inscription can be a special symbol, slogan or visual adornment;
  • calligraphy implies special expressive and artistic distortion;
  • it is important that what is written can be read easily;
  • A jumble of letters and clutter is something that should not be;
  • a tattoo done in thin lines, small in size may eventually turn into a smudge.

Correcting the lettering on the body is almost unrealistic, so you need to go to a professional who can make a perfect sketch and transfer it correctly to the body. It is important to make sure the translation is correct so that there are no double interpretations or mistakes.

What kind of sketches do you usually score?

During the development of the sketch for the tattoo, which is printed in calligraphy, especially all attention is paid to the font. The handwriting, although it is more correct to say the technique of writing, can not only give the necessary aesthetics, but also directly indicate the nature of the bearer of the tattoo. Among the popular fonts usually include beautiful curls, Arabic script, typewriter style and hieroglyphs. If we talk about young people, mainly representatives of this category choose the Gothic font.

Who is suitable for calligraphy?

Usually this style is chosen by both men and women. Age does not play any role at all, so you can not rely on the framework of society. If a person wants to immortalize some quote for a long time or even forever, to stand out, to write something inspiring, atmospheric on his body, to go with a motto on life or a philosophical saying, then he can choose this style.