Black&Grey style in tattoos

Tattoo style Black and grey

Black and grey is a style that involves using only black and different shades of gray in tattoos. Such designs never go out of fashion. They look restrained, but at the same time very elegant. In each drawing there is a mystery and mystery. It all depends on what the client wants to embody and what sketch he chooses.

History of the development of the style of tattoo Black and grey

Black and grey first appeared in the twentieth century. Then it was called one of the directions of the popular at that time blackwork technique. This style is characterized by patterns in black and white colors, but they are not dominated by such clear and bright motifs as images that are obtained when implementing the stylistics “blackwork”. Black and Gray necessarily involves a smooth shading of transitions and shadows. The heyday and peak of popularity comes in the last years of the last century.

Main characteristics

To create an original tattoo in the style of black and grey, you need to seriously approach the choice of the master. Such an image requires that the specialist has impeccable taste, able to work with halftones and shadows. A talented specialist can easily create an imitation of a drawing made with an ordinary pencil right on your body. Choosing this technique, you can even transfer the photo to the skin, making it more realistic.
Features of the style:

  • no color elements are used;
  • three-dimensionality of images;
  • only black colors and all shades of gray;
  • The use of white pigment to draw highlights.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that in terms of wearability, the black shade is simply ideal. It does not cause allergic reactions, minimal fading over time. Even if a person will constantly be under the sun, this tattoo will not cause any problems.
Excellent look black and white drawings, which can be distinguished from afar. The main thing is that the master made accents on all the strokes and details. It is better to choose volumetric sketches, but if the master will be clever, he will be able to hit and a small tattoo in this style. The main thing is not to rush and use modern equipment, otherwise the image will turn simply into a gray and incomprehensible spot.

Popular images and subjects

Quite often in this style people choose to stuff black and white portraits, sketches of birds and animals. One of the favorites is an owl. Black and grey can be combined with the fantas style. They perfectly overlap and look in unity. As sketches often choose characters from fantasy films, fairy-tale creatures, religious motifs.

Who is suitable for black and grey?

Such tattoos are popular among men and women. Age is not a restriction. Stuffing sketches can, as young people, as well as customers who are over 40. Most often it is fans of something elegant, classic or people who through a tattoo want to show everyone their inner world. Black and white body portraits are often inscribed in honor of someone, showing that this person will live forever in memory.
“Hooligan” and brutal motifs are also found in the black and grey technique. They are usually chosen by informal young people, as well as fans of punk and rock.