Biomechanics style in tattoos

Biomechanics is one of the most original styles of tattooing. It combines mechanical elements, wires, miniature light bulbs, electronic circuit boards and complex intertwining in the drawing of human skin.

The original motifs are suitable for both men and women.

History of the emergence

In this style, the artist Hans Rudi Giger from Switzerland presented the first works in the eighties of the last century. He created original drawings, which were picked up by many tattoo artists of that time. Exactly those sketches became the basis of the biomechanics style. At that time, specialists made tattoos exclusively in white and black colors.
After cyber technologies and computerization began to develop actively, the popularity of tattoos biomechanics rapidly increased. Now masters do not only black and white, but also colored tattoos.

Distinctive features

Biomechanics on the human body is interesting only if the images are well detailed. It is important that visually they looked three-dimensional and realistic. Recently, tattoo artists use unusual colors and their shades to make a good cyberpunk picture. This style requires care and painstaking work. To cope with the task can only that master who has impeccable artistic flair.
Basically, tattoos in the style of biomechanics are presented in a large size. For example, you can depict the sketch on the back, thigh or hand. The wow effect will be achieved only in this scale, so mini pictures are not even considered.
This style draws attention to computers, robots, machinery and the frequent inconsistency of the contents with the outer shell. Many people are shocked by the aesthetics of biomechanics, some people are repulsed by it at all. Such tattoos are just perfect to demonstrate the originality of man, his special view of the world around him. It is possible to express any character of the person on the body with the help of a sketch, but this requires a good perception of the wishes and to show imagination.
By the way, it is often compared to the bio-mechanics style. It can be called a sub-style, but it is more correct to say that it is a separate direction. Of course, “mechanics” and “organics” have some things in common. Either type shows what’s inside, but bio-organics shows not the mechanisms, but the natural elements that are in symbiosis with the human body.

Design and plot

Common subjects include electronic or mechanical details that show through torn skin. Experienced craftsmen create realistic effects of combining the human body and the unity of technology. Sometimes the designs are story-driven. For example, you can be guided by scenes from sci-fi movies or computer games.

Who is suitable for the style of biomechanics?

Mostly in demand are men’s tattoos “biomechanics” on the hands. It can be a “sleeve” from the shoulder to the hand. Also often stuffed images on the back or calf. Some girls show individuality and also give preference to this aesthetic. It is important to note the peculiar coarseness, but a high-quality chosen sketch will be able to emphasize even fragile femininity.