Baroque style in tattoos

Tattoo in the Baroque style is chosen to emphasize the originality and attract attention. Often the sketch consists of a pair of drawings and ornaments, which by their appearance resemble bizarre stucco or lace.

It is believed that this style is a challenge to the traditions of classical tattoo art. If you translate the name, it’s worth noting that it means “a tendency towards excess”. The drawings are characterized by ornateness, the presence of sharp transitions, dynamic lines and the richness of the patterns.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This style perfectly combines the incongruous. Baroque tattoos combine unusual color shades, bizarre shapes,

In such sketches very well combines reality and fantasy. You can stuff portraits of people, mythical animals or images of the forces of nature. Tattoos can be based on realistic or abstract drawings of insects, birds, flowers. As a rule, the sketch is combined into a single whole with the help of elongated lines.

Who is suitable for a tattoo in the Baroque style?

Such an image can most often be found on girls. At the same time, the originality and expressiveness of the style attracts guys as well. Men’s tattoos in the Baroque style are complex patterns. Usually they are applied to the chest, back or arm. Decorativeness attracts attention. Basically, the color black used makes the drawings more brutal.

Baroque tattoos for girls are sketches that resemble jewelry or lace. Images of precious stones, complemented by ornate framing, are printed on the body. Women often choose sketches of flowers, birds or butterflies.

Such drawings are very complex in terms of technique, but look luxurious. Sketches of women’s tattoos in the Baroque style are complemented by an unusual ornament or painting, consisting of a large number of lines. Intersecting stripes and an excess of curls only emphasize the decorative nature of the image.

Popular places of application

Very often this style is chosen by girls. They apply a drawing or pattern on the shin, back, thigh or under the shoulder blade. Symmetrical images look very beautiful on the body. For example, it can be a sketch of fine lace that will go completely around the neck, collarbone, wrist or lower back.

Quite feminine individually selected pattern looks under the breast. Such compositions are most often performed by masters in black and white shades, but they make original colored inclusions. So there will be an imitation of lace with inserts of pearls or jewelry stones.

Men’s sketches of tattoos in the Baroque style are quite bizarre. Masters mostly emphasize the realism or volume of images. Young men choose the baroque style tattoo arm.