Art Brut style in tattoos

Ar-brute is considered one of the newest styles of tattooing. It is worth immediately paying attention to the fact that it is very unusual and unconventional. This trend can be named as a kind of avant-garde, which does not accept the platitudes and rules. All the pictures in the Art Brut style are unique. What is depicted on them, as a rule, it is even impossible to explain logically. The tattoo will perfectly decorate the body and do it in an unusual way. Some consider it a category of modern art works.

The main feature of the art-brute style is that the master tattooed on the client’s body without a preliminary sketch. The maximum that is possible is to draw the image beforehand on the body with a marker. That’s why masters, who work in art-brute style, are called real illustrators and artists. They can independently without preparation come up with original subjects and embody them in real time. Such a tattoo fascinates and surprises absolutely everyone.

Among the masters of tattooing in the style of art-brut and really a lot of artists. Statistics show that tattoo artists stand in the second place in the ranking. For example, to understand the basis of this style, you can pay attention to the work of Peter Aurish from Berlin. He creates tattoos on the body as if he were drawing on paper. This is why all his images are so bright, saturated and clear. Aurisch always manages to select the necessary shades. He checks every line. This is how sketches become real art, a visual masterpiece. The master stuffs images of wild animals, abstraction.

Kev James and Jade Tomlinson are another bright representatives of Art Brut. They are a London couple of tattoo artists who have chosen a deeper direction. These masters listen to each client’s story and then embody it abstractly on the body. As a rule, the drawings consist of colorful objects, human faces, abstract elements. At first glance, the finished image seems chaotic, but in fact – everything is thought out in detail, there is logic and even a bit of philosophy.

Experimental Art Brut style tattoos will appeal to bold and daring individuals. They will help to get a unique decoration for the body, to combine modern art and an original combination of shades, colors, the author’s vision of what is happening. Such a tattoo will definitely stand out from the crowd.