Tattoos on the head

When getting a tattoo, some people choose the head as their canvas. These tattoos are often meaningful and can be found in many cultures around the world. In this article we will explore the meaning of a tattoo on the head, look at some examples, and provide sketches of tattoos you might consider when looking to get one of your own.

The Meaning of Head Tattoos

Head tattoos typically have deep religious or spiritual symbolism behind them. For instance, in India, a dot between the eyebrows is known as a bindi and has been used to signify one’s marital status for centuries. In Christianity, a cross is often tattooed onto the forehead to honor Jesus’ crucifixion. Muslim men may also wear small square tattoos on their foreheads to remind themselves that God is watching over them.

In other cultures, tattoos on the head may signify strength or power. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were known to have intricate designs tattooed around their heads for protection from evil spirits. Samurai warriors would sometimes sport facial tattoos to show their allegiance to their clan or house.

Examples of Head Tattoos

Below are some examples of popular head tattoos:

  1. Tribal patterns: Tribal patterns are popular among those who want a more traditional-looking tattoo on their head. These designs often utilize geometric shapes and symbols with deep cultural significance to create intricate patterns that usually span across the entire scalp area.
  2. Geometric shapes: Geometric shapes like circles or triangles are another popular choice for head tattoos because they can be arranged into various patterns or placed in certain spots on the face or scalp for different meanings and effects. They also lend themselves nicely to abstract artworks made up of both lines and curves.
  3. Symbols: Symbols such as stars or hearts can be used alone or incorporated into larger pieces with many different elements included, creating an overall meaningful work of art that holds special significance for you personally!

Sketching Out Your Own Design

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo on your head, it’s important that you take some extra steps before going under the needle. Here’s how you can decide what design might be best for you:

  1. Brainstorm any ideas you have about what kind of design would best suit your needs and interests – think about symbols that mean something to you personally; things like nature scenes, animals and even abstract shapes can all help form your vision for your new ink!
  2. Research various designs online so that you can get an idea of what kind of styles are out there – this will help narrow down which type(s) might be most suitable for your specific needs/goals with regards to the design itself (e.g., do you want something simple yet eye-catching? Do you need something more intricate with lots of detail?).
  3. Talk with experienced tattoo artists to get advice on what they think would work best based off what they know about your preferences – this way they’ll be able to give insight into techniques and styles that could potentially make your dream design come alive!
  4. Sketch out multiple versions until you find one that’s truly unique and perfect for expressing yourself – don’t feel rushed into getting just anything done either – remember; this is likely going to stay with forever so it’s important that whatever design gets chosen really speaks loudly regarding who YOU are!