Tattoo on the side

People have been getting tattoos for thousands of years. Whether for spiritual, emotional, or aesthetic reasons, there is something special about the way ink is permanently placed on someone’s skin as an expression of their personality. One type of tattoo that has become increasingly popular over the last few decades is the side tattoo. These tattoos can be meaningful in different ways for each person who gets one. Plus, they can come in a variety of designs and styles to fit anyone’s taste.

What Does a Side Tattoo Mean?

Side tattoos can represent a number of things depending on the design and artwork chosen by the wearer. Some people get them to pay tribute to someone they have lost while others may get one as a symbol of a new beginning or journey they have embarked upon in life. Each side tattoo will have its own unique meaning depending on the individual wearer, so it is important to think deeply before you make any decisions about what kind of ink you want on your body.

Popular Side Tattoo Designs & Ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect side tattoo for yourself. From small minimalist tattoos to intricate detailed pieces, there really is something for everyone out there! Some popular side tattoo designs include:

  • Infinity symbols
  • Tribal patterns
  • Celtic knots
  • Nature scenes (mountains, flowers)
  • Religious symbols (crosses, angels)

Examples of Side Tattoos

Here are some examples of side tattoos! Take note of how each fits into the wearer’s personal style and story:

  1. A minimalistic feather tattoo with two birds flying away from each other as if breaking apart from their bond symbolizing an individual beginning their journey towards independence or self-discovery
  2. A beautiful floral scene spanning across an entire rib cage with delicate petals creating a mesmerizing piece full of life
  3. An intricately designed mandala-style sun symbol with tiny details within its rays radiating outward across the torso area signifying inner strength and courage

As you can see, side tattoos come in many different shapes, sizes and styles—each conveying its own special meaning to its wearer! So take your time deciding which design(s) best encapsulate what your life story is all about and don’t forget to always consult with a professional artist before committing any permanent art onto your body!