Tattoo on the forearm

Tattoos are a permanent form of art that can be used to express one’s feelings, emotions and beliefs. For centuries, people have been getting tattoos on their forearms as a way to show off their individual styles and personal stories. There are several different meanings associated with forearm tattoos, and depending on what design you choose, your tattoo could have a variety of symbolic meanings.

Meaningful Tattoos

One of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo on the forearm is to express a meaningful message or story. These sorts of tattoos often feature phrases, names of loved ones and quotes from literature or other sources. Some people might opt to get symbols of strength or courage inked onto their skin as well.


In some cultures throughout history, tattoos were used as symbols of status or protection. Many cultures still use traditional designs in forearm tattoos today to signify spiritual connections, lineage or loyalty.


Abstracts designs are other popular options for forearm tattoos. Often abstracts will come in the form of splashes of color representing a feeling or emotion, geometric shapes that symbolize balance and harmony or patterns that represent nature’s beauty.

Sketches & Examples

When getting forearm tattoos you should be sure to put thought into your design because it will stay with you for life! You may want to research common symbolic meaning behind designs you are considering before committing them permanently onto your skin so that you can make sure you’ve chosen something that truly resonates with who you are and what you stand for. To help get an idea about what kind of design would best suit you here are some sketches & examples:

  1. Traditional floral pattern – these designs usually include various flowers connected together by vines which often represent femininity, fertility and new beginnings.
  2. Nature scenes – landscapes such as sunsets over water or mountains plus moon phases; these generally represent the natural flow cycle between day & night.
  3. Quotes – literary passages from books like Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” have been popular choices among many people looking for meaningful words they can immortalize through ink.
  4. Symbols – Celtic knots often symbolize eternity while infinity loops represent everlasting love; if numbers hold special significance to you then Roman numerals can be inked onto your arm too.
  5. Figures & Portraits – drawings depicting animals like koi fish which stands for good luck as well as human figures holding hearts can really bring out one’s personality through art!