Tattoo on the back of the head

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, and getting one on the back of your head is a bold choice. Depending on where you get it placed, it can be quite visible or more discreet and still make a statement. Before you choose this spot for your permanent ink, there are some things to keep in mind: the meaning behind these tattoos, different types of designs that look best, and examples to help you decide what’s right for you.

What Does a Tattoo on the Back of Your Head Mean?

A tattoo on the back of your head has many possible meanings. It could signify strength and courage since it’s such an attention-grabbing spot. For example, some cultures have seen this type of tattoo as being symbolic of power and resilience. Additionally, people may also opt for this area as a way to pay homage to their spiritual practices as well as loved ones who have passed away.

What Are Some Popular Designs for Tattoos On The Back Of Your Head?

When deciding on the design for your tattoo on the back of your head, think about what would look best in that location.

Here are some popular choices:

  1. Word or phrase – Have something meaningful written out that serves as inspiration or memorializes someone special in your life.
  2. Nature scene – Pick something delicate like flowers or birds which looks beautiful when intricately designed against this area’s curved shape.
  3. Abstract art – Go wild with shapes, lines and swirls to create something totally unique! It can also symbolize transformation if that has any personal significance.
  4. Portrait– Whether it’s a beloved family member or favorite celebrity, getting an image inked here can be quite stunning when done correctly by a professional artist.

Examples Of Tattoos On The Back Of Your Head

If you’re considering adding some permanent ink to this spot on your body but need some extra ideas or motivation, check out these examples! Seeing what others have chosen helps give insight into how yours will look once finished:

  1. A man with dark hair got a word tattooed in elegant cursive lettering just beneath his hairline; it read “Grandfather” in honor of his late relative.
  2. A woman with red hair chose an intricate floral design that wrapped around both sides of her head; its bright colors made it pop against her skin tone.
  3. Another woman chose an abstract pattern featuring spirals along with two eyes; she explained that it served as reminder not to worry too much while living her life.
  4. A younger man opted for three words written vertically down his neck; they said “Live Bravely Love Deeply” which was his personal mantra.

No matter what design you end up selecting for your tattoo on the back of your head, make sure it is meaningful and special to you so that you will always remember why you got it done!