Shoulder tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are an increasingly popular form of body art. They can be used to express meaning and identity, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. In this article, we will explore the symbolic meanings behind shoulder tattoos, provide sketches for inspiration when creating your own design, and offer examples to help you envision what your finished product may look like.

Meaning Behind Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are often associated with strength and protection. The shoulder’s close proximity to the heart makes it an ideal place for symbols that evoke emotional sentiment such as love or grief. For those looking for a more spiritual connection, the right shoulder is said to be affiliated with masculine energy while the left side is connected to feminine energy — both making them great locations for religious symbols such as Crosses or Stars of David. No matter the individual’s intent or belief system, shoulder tattoos offer a unique way to share stories and beliefs without words.

Sketches for Inspiration

When designing a shoulder tattoo it’s important to find an artist who has experience in this area as they know how to create balanced designs that fit on the narrow canvas of human skin. Whether you’re wanting something small or large — there are hundreds of sketches available online from skilled artists across the world. Here are some ideas you could use when creating your own:

  1. Quotes or mantras;
  2. Symbols such as feathers;
  3. Animals such as birds or wolves;
  4. Natural elements like trees or mountains;
  5. Abstract images like geometric patterns.

Examples of Shoulder Tattoos

Below are some examples that demonstrate how varied shoulder tattoos can be:

  1. Bird – A black bird outlined against white ink gives off a beautiful contrast when placed on the upper arm. These lightweight creatures have come to symbolize freedom and hope throughout history — making them an attractive option for many individuals looking for unique tattoo inspiration!
  2. Floral – Daisy flowers lined along a person’s collarbone adds color without overwhelming their canvas space – these cheerful blooms evoke sentiments of playfulness which plays off nicely against its natural surroundings of soft skin tone shades.
  3. Quote – Having words inked onto one’s shoulder serves as both decorative embellishment and meaningful reminder — “Doomed from existence yet still alive” is one example that could impart messages of resilience even in tough times.

No matter what kind of design someone chooses – these pieces have a long lasting impact which makes each one special unto itself!