Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Tattoos have gone from a forbidden form of body art to an accepted, even celebrated one. Getting ink in visible parts of the body such as the shoulder blade has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its ability to make an artful statement about identity and style. In this article, we will explore what tattoos on the shoulder blade mean, discuss some sketches and examples, and offer advice for potential users.

What Do Tattoos on the Shoulder Blade Mean?

Tattoos on the shoulder blade can have a myriad of meanings depending on who is getting them and why they are making that decision. For some, they can serve as a reminder or commemoration of an event or someone special in their life. Others might opt for a quote that speaks to their values or connects them with something greater than themselves. No matter the reason behind it, each tattoo is unique and personal.

Sketches & Examples

When looking to get a tattoo on your shoulder blade, there are several directions you could take depending on your individual circumstances and preferences. Here are some possible sketches and examples:

  • A quote from your favorite book or movie that captures how you feel about life or expresses your outlook.
  • An abstract design like waves representing movement in life.
  • A portrait of someone special that carries great meaning for you.
  • Symbols related to a hobby you enjoy such as music notes for musicians.
  • A religious symbol if you find strength from your faith.

Advice for Potential Users

Before getting any kind of tattoo it is important that you consider the implications carefully and do thorough research into any artist or studio you plan to work with. This is especially true when it comes to tattoos located in visible areas such as one’s shoulder blade since they tend to be more noticeable than others and thus require extra caution before moving forward with anything permanent. Additionally, be sure to look after your new tattoo properly following all instructions given by your artist so it heals correctly without any adverse effects such as infection or scabbing that can ruin the look of even the best designs over time unless taken care of properly!