Palm tattoos

Tattoos have been around for many centuries, but their meaning has changed over time. Today, tattoos are popular for a variety of reasons and it is accepted in many places. One of the more interesting types of tattoos is the tattoo on the palm. This type of tattoo has some special characteristics which make it stand out from other types of body art. Here we will look at what a palm tattoo means, different designs for this type of tattoo, and some examples to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Meaning Behind a Palm Tattoo

A tattoo on the palm is much more than just an image; it has a deeper meaning behind its placement. In the past, people would get these tattoos as symbols of protection or to ward off evil spirits. Today there are more modern interpretations of this type of body art including strength, courage, power and determination.

Different Designs for a Palm Tattoo

When getting a tattoo on the palm there are several design options to choose from that can represent different meanings or be purely decorative. Some designs include geometric shapes such as triangles and dots as well as animals like snakes or wolves that wrap around your wrist or hand. You can also combine traditional imagery with your own personal symbol to create something unique that represents you best.

Examples of Palm Tattoos

  1. A wolf head inked onto the base knuckles of your index finger with bold lines and intricate details representing strength and resilience.
  2. A black triangle with dots inside filled in with color representing protection against evil forces.
  3. An intricate pattern wrapping around your middle finger made up of tiny shapes and symbols representing determination and focus.
  4. An abstract design inked onto your thumb depicting power through simple forms such as spirals or curves.