Finger Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming increasingly common among all ages, genders and backgrounds. While some opt for tattoos in more discreet areas such as the wrist or the lower back, others choose to be bold by getting tattoos on their fingers. In this article, we’ll explore what tattoos on the fingers mean, offer advice for potential users, discuss some photos and sketches and provide examples of designs that work well.

What do Tattoos on the Fingers Mean?

Much like many other tattoos, what a finger tattoo symbolizes is entirely up to its bearer. Many people use finger tattoos to express their beliefs or values. For example, some get a cross or an angel wing tattooed right onto their finger as a reminder of their faith while others might opt for something more personal such as a saying or symbol relating to someone special in their life.

Advice For Potential Users

Before deciding whether you should get a tattoo on your finger it is important that you consider all the implications carefully and research any artist or studio you plan to work with beforehand. This is especially true for finger tattoos since mistakes can be harder to cover up or repair due to its delicate location compared to other parts of the body. Additionally, always look after your new tattoo properly following all instructions given by your artist so it heals correctly without any adverse effects such as infection or scabbing!

Photos & Sketches

When looking at possible designs for your finger tattoo you want something that isn’t too intricate due to its small size but still manages to capture your style and meaning behind it effectively. Here are some photos and sketches of possible designs:

  1. A minimalist design such as arrows pointing towards each other representing friendship between two people.
  2. A phrase written in an old-fashioned font that has special significance to its wearer.
  3. Tribal symbols such as dreamcatchers which represent dreams and protection against bad luck.
  4. Symbols related to hobbies or skills such as treble clefs for singers.
  5. Intricate floral patterns which add a classy touch.